Jet Aviation Moscow to offer G650 maintenance

On JetExpo’s Day 1 Jet Aviation Moscow Vnukovo announced plans to expand its operations, having received EASA consent to pursue further approvals. In particular, the company is collaborating with Gulfstream Aerospace to achieve the earliest EASA 145 approval for Gulfstream’s new G650 aircraft at Moscow Vnukovo with a view to supporting the first G650 that will fly into Moscow.

In April this year due to harmonization issues EASA limited capabilities of MRO stations located in Russia for servicing aircraft operated by Russian companies but registered abroad. According to Jet Aviation, EASA and the Russian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have agreed now to terms that allow Jet Aviation Moscow and others to seek EASA 145 aircraft approvals.

"We’re currently in discussions with a number of OEMs and intend to increase our certifying staff and obtain further approvals to expand our operations and services offered to customers," says Ian Ludlow, general director at Jet Aviation Moscow.

Elizaveta Kazachkova

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