Jet Aviation Vnukovo to provide MRO for G650

It must be for a reason that Gulfstream brings its flagship G650 to JetExpo for the second time. There are several owners and operators of this type in Russia, and its popularity with the Russian customers appears to be growing. 

One of the clear indications of this is Jet Aviation Vnukovo’s intention to acquire approvals and certificates to provide MRO services for G650. The company’s general director, Vitaliy Alexikov told Show Observer, that the certification procedures should be completed as early as this coming November.  According to Alexikov, Jet Aviation implements a flexible strategy in terms of distributing different MRO tasks: some are carried out in Russia, others — on the companies’ premises elsewhere in the world. However, Russia’s share is gradually growing, he said. 

Besides that, at the show Jet Aviation Vnukovo announced signing of a new agreement with Bombardier, which implies a wider and optimized spare stock, available to operators of the Canadian business-jets in Russia.  

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