First Russian delivery for Citation M2

Russian company EastUnion, the official distributor of Cessna Citation jets in Russia and the CIS, is presenting at Jet Expo 2015 two new offerings by the American aircraft manufacturer: the Citation M2 light business jet and the midsize Citation Latitude.

The M2’s first Russian delivery took place in late June 2015. Tom Perry, vice-president for sales in Europe at Cessna parent Textron Aviation, believes that the Russian market is evolving towards “the right size”, meaning that increasingly more customers planning to purchase an aircraft are now inclined to choose a jet that fits their needs.

The Russian debut of the Citation Latitude is a double joy. Only two weeks ago the new business jet was handed over to its launch customer, and now potential buyers from Russia have a chance to see its advantages. According to the manufacturer, the aircraft being brought to the market has improved performance characteristics compared to the design specifications. Its maximum range is 5,278 km (2,850 nm), which is 277 km (150) nm greater than originally estimated, while the takeoff field length was reduced to 1,091 m (3,580 ft) from the initial 1,116 m (3,660 ft). The Citation Latitude is another product in which the company used an “anti-crisis” approach to development, with tried-and-tested technologies and components complemented with new capabilities. The Latitude incorporates the wing, aft section, and PW306D engines of the 12-seat Citation Sovereign+. At the same time, it boasts a greater fuselage cross-section, and its cabin is over 6 m (21 ft) long with full standing height throughout, making it the widest cabin among all Cessna jets.

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The Citation Latitude accommodates a two-person cockpit crew and nine passengers. Its maximum operating altitude is 13,716 m (45,000 ft), and its maximum cruise speed is 826 km/h (446 ktas). The aircraft climbs to 43,000 ft (13,106m) in just 23 minutes.

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